Wisconsin, an Employment Destination

Wisconsin, an Employment Destination

With the start of the new academic year, thousands of Wisconsin students are continuing their studies in anticipation of graduation and the workplace. Fortunately for the students of Wisconsin, they will not have to travel far to find a job after graduation.

Under Governor Scott Walker and the Republican lead state Legislature, Wisconsin has generated over 100,000 jobs; meaning there are over 100,000 new opportunities for my fellow students and recent graduates to find employment right here in Wisconsin. The natural and organic policies of Governor Walker has grown the Wisconsin economy from the bottom up, adding jobs and cutting taxes to ensure that Wisconsin is a pro-business, pro-employment state.  Under these policies, Wisconsin now ranks 3rd in the Midwest for private job creation, 1st in personal income growth, and our unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since 2008.

Additionally, the policies of Governor Walker have created not just jobs, but careers in Wisconsin. Governor Walker understands that after attending college for 4 or more years, recent graduates do not want to live with their parents, working low paying, temporary jobs. Instead, Governor Walker has worked tirelessly so that if you want a career in Wisconsin, you can have one; Wisconsin is now a career destination.

However, Wisconsin has not always been a career destination. Under the Mary Burke-Jim Doyle administration, Wisconsin lost over 130,000 jobs and 25,000 businesses and ranked 42nd in job growth, 42nd! Furthermore, prior to the Great Recession, Wisconsin experienced unemployment rates higher than the national average, raised taxes, raised the costs of tuition at UW-System schools, and lagged behind in business creation. In the face of all these negative measures, the Wisconsin budget was in a mess with over a $3.6 billion dollar deficit and only ten percent of businesses said the state was headed in the right direction.

The comparison between Wisconsin under the Burke/Doyle administration and the Walker administration is a stark contrast. It is obvious that Wisconsin cannot afford to return to the old, industrial, and liberal policies Mary Burke helped Jim Doyle implement.

As a senior at Marquette University, I want to get a job after graduation. With Governor Walker’s policies, I will not be worried about the job market because I have seen how many of the graduates from the last four Marquette classes have found great jobs here in Wisconsin. Re-elect Governor Walker so the college seniors of the next four classes will have careers destined for them in Wisconsin.