What Students can expect from Mary Burke

What Students can expect from Mary Burke

With less than 100 days until November election, it is about time for Mary Burke to give everyone a clear picture of who she really is and what she stands for.  Running on an unclear platform, no one really knows what would happen if Mary Burke was elected governor. Based on Mary Burke’s record you could expect wasteful government spending, outsourced jobs, higher taxes, and uncertain tuition costs.

As Governor Jim Doyle’s commerce secretary, Burke managed to wastefully spend 12.5 million dollars of taxpayer money trying to bring new jobs into the state.  Burke said she had “full confidence” that 2,400 jobs would materialize from this investment.  Unfortunately, today there sits a vacant lot and still no jobs from the Doyle-Burke boondoggle.  Can we really have ‘full confidence’ in Mary Burke to create jobs in the Badger state, when her wasteful management has lost Wisconsin millions of dollars and thousands of jobs.

As Doyle’s top job creator, Secretary Burke was a factor to Wisconsin losing 133,000 jobs and closing 27,000 businesses. We want a governor that brings businesses and jobs to our state. Wisconsin created over 100,000 new jobs and 20,000 new businesses since Walker took office. Thanks to Governor Walker employer confidence is now up to 96%, which is helping students like us find opportunities to work after graduation.

Furthermore, Mary Burke loves to talk about her time at her family business. But she never remembers to mention the fact that 99% of Mary Burke’s company’s products are made overseas.  We don’t need a governor that will create jobs overseas, we need a governor that will create jobs here in the state of Wisconsin.

While Walker has protected Wisconsin citizens from over taxation, Mary Burke voted to raise property taxes while on the Madison School Board to the maximum amount allowable by law.  Based on Burke’s track record as Commerce Secretary, we have seen Billions in tax hikes on everything from hospitals, nursing home beds, and even music downloads to finance out-of-control spending. While the Walker administration remains committed to growing the economy, naturally and organically from the bottom up and believes in returning the State’s one billion dollar surplus back to the people, Mary Burke believes that “more tax relief is the wrong approach”.

Worst of all, we don’t know where she stands on Governor Walker’s Tuition Freeze. When asked what her position is on the issue, Burke chose to dodge the question. Millionaire Mary Burke can’t relate to the heavy burden of tuition costs on students today and Wisconsin Students need to be certain of their financial burden during their time in school.  Under Scott Walker and the GOP Legislature, students can be assured that there will be a UW System Tuition Freeze in place.

Burke’s platform is unclear, but her track record has shown that Wisconsin citizens can expect wasteful government spending, outsourced jobs, higher taxes, and uncertain tuition costs.  Governor Scott Walker has shown that he can take the state forward by bringing in new jobs, providing tax relief and freezing tuition for the UW system.  With less than 100 days to the November election, Wisconsin can’t afford to take a chance on Burke’s backwards record.