Elitist East Coaster Sen. Elizabeth Warren Stops by UW - M

Elitist East Coaster Sen. Elizabeth Warren Stops by UW - M

burke-logo-updated-v3_1_.pngAs I enter my junior year of college, I find myself checking job listings more and more often. Every few days I surf the web to see what opportunities exist in the state that I have happily spent my whole life in.  This is an issue that weighs heavy on everyone sitting along side me in the UWM lecture halls. Will I be able to use these skills that I am learning? Will a job be waiting for me once I graduate? Will I be able to start an adult life here?

It’s unsettling not being absolutely certain what the opportunities are in my future. However, what is even more unsettling is when a gubernatorial candidate visits my campus with a politician who actively makes that future even less certain. Last weekend Senator Elizabeth Warren came to my campus to campaign for Mary Burke. Yes, in a school full of young adults who will soon enter the job market, Elizabeth Warren comes to campaign for Burke. The same Elizabeth Warren that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce was talking about when they said “no other candidate in 2012 represents a greater threat to free enterprise than Professor Warren”. The same Elizabeth Warren that a Democrat think tank described as “catastrophically antibusiness”. The very same Elizabeth Warren that proudly takes credit for the “you didn’t build that” philosophy.

How is this supposed to comfort a college student? How is that supposed to motivate us? Better yet, how can she even be taken seriously when her own party says that she represents “the more extreme wing of the party”. With her antibusiness philosophy, and such a splendid endorsement from her party, she still has the audacity to come and speak to a university full the next generation of workers to tell us who to vote for as governor?

Its painfully obvious Burke is getting terribly desperate if she is aligning with such an extreme liberal elitist. We don’t need this hyper-partisan senator waltzing into our state and getting involved in our politics, and I really don’t need her on my campus. My fellow students deserve a far better future outlook than that. We are working so hard to better ourselves so that we will be prepared for the job market in a few short years. We don’t need a cloistered Harvard ideologue who has no idea how the free market works, pretending that she knows how to create jobs. Ms. Warren is clearly out of touch. If Mary Burke embraces the same ideology, she’s clearly out of touch too. We deserve better.

Tyler Bundies

UW-Milwaukee Vice-Chairman