Under Governor Walker, Every Day is a Good Day for Business!

Under Governor Walker, Every Day is a Good Day for Business!

iStock_000027686055Small_1_.jpgAs students, we see a lot of potential in our peers. We see future engineers, lawyers, professors, and businessmen growing exponentially on campus. When these bright students graduate, some will enter graduate school, others will accept positions with existing companies, but some graduates will want to start a new business. We can assure you that there is no better state than Wisconsin to do just that.

Under Governor Walker, we have seen nearly 20,000 new businesses, adding well over 100,000 jobs. He achieved those numbers by putting the taxpayers first, supporting families and job creators statewide. Now with this lowered tax burden, the employer confidence level is up to a staggering 95%, and graduates will be able to start their own businesses without having to worry about government stepping in the way of their dreams.

Under the Doyle-Burke Administration however, with a higher tax burden, we lost over 133,000 jobs and over 27,000 businesses. With employer confidence bottoming out at a disturbing 4%, why would anyone want to start a business under those conditions? Graduates will be forced to start businesses elsewhere, forcing our great state to lose potential for growth and opportunity.

This is why the election in November is so important.

We cannot head back in the wrong direction. We must continue on the path to prosperity, the path that Governor Walker, with the help of our Republican Legislature, has been working to clear. Electing Mary Burke would send us back to the old ways of the Doyle Administration, and that would be devastating for our state’s economy. Governor Walker is moving our state forward and is working to provide the best climate for future businessmen and women in Wisconsin. We hope you vote for a better business climate this November!