Liberals from madison and Milwaukee Launch War on Free Markets in Attempt to Shut Down Uber & Lyft

Liberals from madison and Milwaukee Launch War on Free Markets in Attempt to Shut Down Uber & Lyft

iStock_000027505277Small2_1_.jpgBy now, most millennials have become familiar with the ride sharing apps Uber and Lyft. If you have not used the app, it basically serves as a medium connecting individuals who need a ride with those who are willing to use their car to transport them. The user puts their credit card number into the app and the driver is paid electronically once the rider is dropped off. Sounds like a pretty basic and innovative idea right?

Not according to some local liberal politicians in Madison and Milwaukee who are attempting to thwart the implementation and use of this app in their respective cities. Paul Soglin, the mayor of Madison, has been an avid opponent of the emergence of these apps and has sided with the taxi companies in trying to ban Uber and Lyft.

Soglin and other politicians who are trying to ban Uber and Lyft quite simply are trying to pick winners and losers in the free market system. By attempting to bar Uber and Lyft from operating, Soglin and others like him represent the problems that arise when the government tries to regulate the free market.

Uber and Lyft have become successful because of the power it gives to the user. When the ride is over the customer is able to see the route that was taken and a breakdown of the price of the ride. The customer even has the opportunity to rate their experience, which the companies then use to evaluate the drivers.

Many Republicans have given their support to Uber because they see it as an innovative business that is being hampered by government regulations. Marco Rubio has voiced his support for Uber following the city of Miami’s attempt to ban Uber and Lyft. In a statement he said, “What I support in Florida, and across the country, is the ability for innovative business models to reasonably enter a marketplace and provide consumer choices and options.”

Local Republican politicians have also voiced their support for Uber and Lyft following reports of sting operations by the Madison Police Department to identify and ticket Uber and Lyft drivers. Tyler August, a representative from the Lake Geneva area, described the sting operation as a “questionable crackdown on citizens engaged in free enterprise.”

Conservative leaders from across the country have begun to back Uber because it offers a free market solution to the over-regulated, unionized cab industry. Companies like Uber and Lyft that embrace technology ought to be celebrated for their innovative services. Instead, liberal politicians have attacked them for not following the strict and tedious regulations that exist for the cab industry. By doing so, they continue to support the status quo of over-regulation that has burdened many of America’s small businesses.

Uber and Lyft have been successful in Madison because of the support from college students and young professionals. We grew tired of poor service from the local cab companies and saw Uber and Lyft as a better alternative. In the truest sense this is a perfect example of how the free market can produce a more consumer friendly service. No one has argued for the end of taxi companies but hopefully with the addition of Uber and Lyft; the cab companies will realize that they need to improve their service if they want to keep getting our business.

Our generation will be defined by the technological innovations of young entrepreneurs. Liberal politicians need to learn that over-regulation will not only hurt future entrepreneurs but may also discourage them from even creating their product in the first place because of the red tape involved. As a generation we need to be willing to hold our politicians accountable and make it known that we support more free market innovation and less government involvement in our daily lives.