Governor Scott Walker's Reforms are Good for All UW Students

Governor Scott Walker's Reforms are Good for All UW Students

Walking around campus on a regular Monday morning, it may be hard to ignore posters, rhetoric, and sometimes protests about “Walker’s War with Wisconsin’s Public Universities,” as the calls it. Governor Scott Walker’s recent budget has consumed nearly all topics of conversation throughout the classrooms and residence halls of UW-Milwaukee. Some of the public opinion around campus reflects exactly what the media and Democrats in Wisconsin want- a fear in young voters that the quality of their education is under attack. As college educated Americans, students deserve to should find out what Governor Walker’s new proposed budget actually entails.


I would love to know that the college I’m studying finance at is as responsible with their money as they teach me to be. I opened my first bank account with $100 when I was 11 years old. My parents brought me to the bank after months of mowing the lawn, selling lemonade, and washing dishes. I asked my dad why I had to save it instead of using it to buy new video games or remote control cars. He told me that it was the responsible thing to do and that I would sometime use that money to help pay for college, instead of video games. Of course, at the age of 11 that was a difficult concept to grasp. However, as a 19-year-old college student, I’m glad my dad taught me to save my money.


In previous Democratic administrations, our state government rarely acted like a good father to the UW System, like my dad acted toward me. Whenever the UW System got itself in a spending rut in the past, they chose to ask the taxpayers for more money or raise students’ tuition. Now, Governor Walker wants to reform how universities operate in Wisconsin. He wants schools that are a part of the UW System to be autonomous by giving them responsibility over their own budgets.


Governor Walker’s pro-student reforms are also a good move for Wisconsin because now the UW System will have to prioritize their budgets, forcing officials to make tough decisions to be fiscally responsible with the money that they take from taxpayers and students alike. Along with that positive reform, tuition is still currently frozen at all UW campuses and our Governor is planning to freeze UW tuition again until 2016. The whole time I’ve attended college, my tuition has not increased. Thus, Governor Walker continues to balance the budget without creating a bigger hole in the pockets of Wisconsin’s promising future college graduates like myself.


Even with these clearly needed reforms, there are people at UW-Milwaukee who still claim that Governor Walker does not care about college students.  Do those people know that just three years ago Governor Walker led the state legislature to approve more than $240 million in building bonds for UW-Milwaukee alone? Do they also know that one of the first things he did when elected back in 2010, was to make sure every student in Wisconsin had the right to choose where they wanted to go to school from kindergarten to 12th grade? The facts are clear- Governor Walker stands with all students.


With graduates from UW schools going on to become CEO’s of companies like Microsoft and winning awards as prestigious as the Nobel Prize, Wisconsinites have begun to expect a higher standard from their public universities. How can we expect UW schools to produce exceedingly high achieving graduates when they can’t even balance their own checkbooks? Luckily for students across the state, Governor Scott Walker has the right ideas for positive spending reforms that are beneficial for the UW system.  






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