I'm With Senator Shealia Harsdorf

I'm With Senator Shealia Harsdorf

Governor Walker’s tuition freeze is certainly being felt across the state. Before the tuition freeze, the average UW system cost of tuition rose 5.5% a year. These kind of increases were unsustainable and put Wisconsin students in a tight spot.

Through the tuition freeze, students who had become accustomed to an annual 5.5% increase in tuition now have much needed relief. In addition to tuition being frozen, the freeze forces the UW system to be more accountable. No longer can the UW system pass along the cost of its unnecessary projects in the form of tuition hikes.

Leading the charge for continued affordable higher education in the State Senate is Senator Sheila Harsdorf. As chair of the Senate Committee on Universities and Technical Colleges Sheila is committed to making sure Wisconsin students never experience a 5.5% a year increase in tuition again.

Harsdorf, originally a dairy farmer from River Falls, joined the legislature in 1988 when she was elected to the state assembly. She left the assembly in 1998 to head back to the family farm. After a two year hiatus, she ran for State Senate where she beat a two-term incumbent.

Along with working to keep college tuition in check, Senator Harsdorf has worked to return fiscal sanity to Wisconsin. With the help of her leadership Wisconsin’s unemployment rate has tumbled down to 4.2% and the state boasts one the highest work force participation rates in the country

#ImWithHer because Sheila Harsdorf knows the importance of affordable tuition. Students are the future of our state and Senator Harsdorf is committed to ensuring Wisconsin students are not straddled with outlandish amounts of student loan debt.

We thank Senator Harsdorf for her service in the State Senate and for continuing to put students first.

Look for more #ImWithHer next Monday as we continue to showcase accomplished Republican women in the state of Wisconsin.

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