I'm With Senator Alberta Darling

I'm With Senator Alberta Darling

State Senator Alberta Darling has proudly served northern Milwaukee County and southern Ozaukee County since 1990. She served one term in the State Assembly before being elected to her current position in the State Senate.

During her time in the legislature, Senator Darling focused on child advocacy. Specifically, she is a driving force in Wisconsin’s education reform. The former teacher knows first-hand the difficulties school districts have in providing the best education to each student. Although many hurdles still remain, Senator Darling has made great progress in reforming K-12 education throughout the state.

Senator Darling was a critical player, along with other Republican legislators, in passing Act 10. Her vote gave school districts the ability to hire and fire based on merit. This assures that the best teachers are in the classroom. In the wake of Act 10, Senator Darling was just one of the senators who faced a recall election. However, the unions and other special interests could not defeat Senator Darling.

This year, Senator Darling is focused on reforming Milwaukee Public Schools. She and State Representative Dale Kooyenga purposed the Opportunity Schools and Partnership Plan (OSPP) as a way to turn around failing schools. The program allows a commissioner, separate from the MPS school board, to create a plan of success for the worst schools in Milwaukee. The program was ultimately turned down by MPS leaders but Senator Darling continues to work on different improvement options. She believes that it is unacceptable to lose another generation to failing public schools. 

#ImWithHer because Senator Darling believes that the quality of a child’s education should not be determined by their zip code. Thank you Senator for your commitment to education reform and willingness to do what is best for kids in Milwaukee and across the state. 

Look for more #ImWithHer posts on Mondays as we celebrate the accomplishment of Republican Women in the state of Wisconsin. 

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