Go Back to California, Russ Feingold. You’re wrong for students!

Go Back to California, Russ Feingold. You’re wrong for students!

Today, Russ Feingold announced his bid to bring back his failed record and radical liberal ideology to the U.S. Senate. Voters in Wisconsin already rejected his big-government policies that raised taxes and hurt hard-working families. Radical Russ Feingold is wrong for Wisconsin-- especially for Wisconsin students.

Obamacare: Feingold on Obamacare, “This law is going to look pretty damn good in two years.”  Continuing his support of ineffective top down government, Feingold fully supported Obamacare.Unfortunately his decision to support the law has brought higher taxes, fees, and increased regulatory burdens on businesses. Wisconsin is not “going to look pretty damn good in two years” if Russ Feingold is elected.

Radical Russ' record is an epic failure.


Budget: Radical Russ Feingold has consistently stood on the wrong side of taxpayers. During his time in the Senate he voted against a Balanced Budget Amendment not once, but four times. Instead of supporting common sense legislation to get America’s fiscal house back in order, Feingold chose to back the same failed big government policies that Wisconsinites don’t support.  

Stay in California and don't trample us over in Wisconsin, Radical Russ.


Running From Wisconsin: Where in Wisconsin does Russ Feingold live exactly? The answer is in fact, no part of Wisconsin but all the way in California. That’s right, Professor Feingold officially began teaching at Stanford University in California and he has spent very little time in Wisconsin since his 2010 defeat. Feingold is attempting to convince Wisconsinites that his failed record as a Senator deserves a second chance. His radical tax and spend tendencies don’t represent the ideals of the responsible people he intends to represent.

Radical Russ Feingold you’re wrong for Wisconsin, run back to California!