I'm With Rep. Jessie Rodriguez

I'm With Rep. Jessie Rodriguez

In Wisconsin, every kid is told that he or she can do and be anything in their life. Allowing each child to achieve their dreams starts with a quality k-12 education.

Unfortunately, far too many kids are stuck in failing schools and are not able to turn their dreams into a reality.

According to the Department of Public Instruction seven school districts in Wisconsin are classified as failing to meet expectations or meets few expectations. This adversely effects the over 100,000 students who count on the education from these districts to help each student realize their American dream.

No person knows more about the impact a quality education can have on achieving the American dream more than State Representative Jessie Rodriguez. Rodriguez was born in El Salvador before she and her family immigrated to the United States in 1984. She benefited from a great Wisconsin K-12 education that would not have been available to her in El Salvador.

Before being elected to the State Legislature in 2013, Rodriguez fought for kids to receive the same access to a quality education that she was afforded. As the outreach coordinator for Hispanics for School Choice she connected low income Hispanic families with the information necessary to find the right school for each child. Her work put each kid in the best school that addressed their needs and created a path to a successful future.

In legislature, Rodriguez continues to fight for students and families by expanding school choice options for kids all across the state. She was appointed chair of a committee that services the needs of urban schools and fought to invest $200 million dollars in Wisconsin schools and classrooms.

#ImWithHer because Jessie Rodriguez knows the key to achieving the American dream is a quality K-12 education. Sending a child to failing public school is unacceptable and school choice is the best option to assure every child receives a great education.

We salute Jessie for her continued defense of school choice and her dream to have every child receive an education that exceeds expectations. 

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