I'm With Lt. Governor Kleefisch

I'm With Lt. Governor Kleefisch

In August of 2010, Rebecca Kleefisch was diagnosed with cancer. She showed us all what real strength is overcoming this adversity. And in September of 2010, already cancer-free, she won her primary for Lieutenant Governor. She then went on to win the general election with Governor Scott Walker.

They enacted big, bold reforms to upset the status quo. And to the left's surprise -- they worked. In fact, they worked so well that they scared those on the left that had fought so long for government dependency. They couldn't allow conservative policies to be successful in a blue state like Wisconsin, so they devised a plan.

In 2012, Kleefisch became the only Lieutenant Governor in history to win a recall election. In fact, just like Governor Walker, she won with a higher percentage of the vote than she did in 2010. It was miraculous. The courage displayed by Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch to stand up to big government special interests alongside Governor Walker will never be forgotten. 

Here in Wisconsin, we have America's Lieutenant Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch. She is the hardest working LG in the country. She travels all over the state, meeting with job creators and constituents, working to bring businesses and jobs back to Wisconsin.

She currently serves of Chairman of the Republican Lieutenant Governors Association, leading the conservative movement across the nation. She also previously served as Co-Chair of the Republican State Leadership Committee’s Right Women, Right Now initiative, dedicated to identifying, recruiting and supporting new women candidates at the state level.

While Hillary Clinton will try to convince you that supporting Republicans somehow makes you anti-women, courageous leaders like Rebecca Kleefisch continue to prove her wrong everyday.

Thanks for all of your commitment, hard work, and perseverance Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch. 

We've spent the past two months highlighting conservative women using the #ImWithHer to send a message to Hillary Clinton: you'd don't own the pronoun her. Thank you to ALL of the women in the Republican Party fighting each and every day for a better America, and proving that all issues are women's issues.

We're with you. Let's turn this state RED tomorrow on Election Day!

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