The College Democrats of Wisconsin' "House of Lies"

The College Democrats of Wisconsin' "House of Lies"

The College Democrats of Wisconsin are Misleading Students-- On February 27th, 2015 College Democrats of Wisconsin issued a press release that accused Governor Walker of attacking student safety and practicing reckless leadership.  Phoenix Rice-Johnson, Vice Chairman of the College Democrats of Wisconsin said, “The fact that Walker wants to remove provisions intended to protect students from sexual assault without any alternate or replacement plan shows how reckless his leadership is. Gov. Walker’s attack on student safety comes at a time when sexual assault on college campuses is at the forefront of many people’s attention.” Did they fact-check their false accusations before posting them? Apparently not...



The Daily Beast Retracts False Story--  On February 28th, 2015 the Daily Beast retracted their false story which was based off an article from Jezebel that wrongly interpreted a portion of the Governor’s Budget and accused him of wanting to remove all state universities assault reporting requirements. The sources used by the College Democrats to attack Gov. Walker have corrected and retracted their false reporting, yet the College Democrats of Wisconsin refuse to apologize for their mistakes.  

The Truth-- The UW System requested that duplicative reporting requirements of sexual assault and harassment on campus be removed.  Walker spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick said, “In this case, UW System requested this report requirement be removed because there is already a federal reporting requirement related to sexual assault and harassment on campuses.” Why won’t College Democrats tell their supporters the truth?

Countdown to Tell the Truth-- Have the College Democrats of Wisconsin retracted their lies against Governor Walker and apologized for spreading misinformation? Not yet. College students deserve to hear the truth, but will the College Democrats provide it?

Rita Fadness, Chairman of the Wisconsin Federation of College Republicans, released the following statement:

“Students should find it appalling that College Democrats of Wisconsin are willing to politicize serious issues and spread blatant lies for political gain.  If their organization hopes to retain any semblance of integrity, they should immediately retract their statements and issue a public apology.”