#AIMtoWin in 2016 Field Program

#AIMtoWin in 2016 Field Program


In 2014, Wisconsin Republicans made historic gains in youth voters when Governor Scott Walker tied his Democratic opponent 48% to 49% in voters aged 18-24 year old according to CNN exit polls. Now, we launch our #AIMtoWin in 2016 Field Program to win Wisconsin's youth vote AGAIN.

#AIMtoWin in 2016 will equip college activists with comprehensive messaging and training on over 20 campuses across Wisconsin to:

Amplify Our Presence On Campuses Statewide

Identify Like-Minded Students

Mobilize Students to Vote on Election Day

The stakes are far too high for our generation to sit on the sidelines. Join us as we make historic gains in the youth vote to help re-elect Senator Ron Johnson and deliver our electoral votes to a Republican presidential nominee!

 Join the conversation with us online by using #AIMtoWin and tell us why YOU are ready for a Republican president in 2016!